BEN GOJI has the mission of making people feel unique in the way of shoes, valuing local markets and the quality of raw materials. Ben Goji, footwear made in Portugal.


CAIA is a brand of summer. Caia beach pillows was born in 2012 for all who love a great beach day but don’t dismiss comfort and style. Combining design and quality in a waterproof and easy-to-carry pillow is 100% made in Portugal. Caia has expanded with accessories and in 2018 launched the first Swimwear collection based on the statement “less is more”. Exclusive prints, minimalistic design and seamless comfort.


CITADIN (adj.): Chic and modern city-dweller; Characteristic of someone who lives in the city or lives a city life; Citadin Shoes is a family-owned business, led by a modern mother of four with great taste who doesn’t think that quality should necessarily be expensive. The concept is to offer high-quality handmade shoes at a great price.


CORAÇÃO BOBO is an innovative swimwear brand that seeks to solve one of the biggest headaches of the women – minimize tan lines for a more even tan. While conventional lycra completely blocks the sun rays, our fabric increases its passage up to 5 times more. In addition, it is lightweight, breathable and dries extremely fast.


CRAFT WALLET: probably the most beautiful wallet in the world. Designed and made entirely in Portugal, Craft Wallet is perfect for those looking for a minimal wallet that does not compromise on capacity and style. Take everything you need and leave the old bulky wallet behind. Made with aerospace grade premium aluminum. Lifetime warranty.


CX! Creating bonds with you!


DCK‘s goal is to become the number one swimshorts brand in the world and to achieve that it focus on 3 major points: Quality, Variety & Fair Price. By adding this to a humble posture and always learning from the costumers, friends and experience, it believes it will achieve that!


DICCI is a brand focused on the male audience, reinforcing its position in the accessories. Classical, timeless and memorable are three adjectives that define DICCI. Quality and detail are part of each piece.


FUTAH was born in Portugal from a simple idea on a warm day, with sandy feet, by the ocean. It began as a wish to create a beach towel that was equal parts light, absorbent, resistant, yet still beautiful. An accessory, easy to transport, practical and uncomplicated.


I’M means ”I am”. I am who I want to be, I am who I become. I am capable of anything I want, regardless of any obstacle that may appear along the way. It is within this ideal that the IM brand wants to stand out. With an original and exclusive collection, each piece is designed so that there is a diversity capable of matching the character of each. Find yourself in summer, find yourself in you.


MISSUS comes from a passion for the colors, forms, diversity of patterns and possible conjugations among them. By consolidating learning in the various design areas, the 100% Portuguese brand is 100% inclusive, as through the different models, it meets women’s well-being with real bodies, making them feel sexy, beautiful and elegant.


ORIGEM is a Portuguese brand created in 2017 with the purpose of transforming the way the XXI century individual relates to its surroundings. Origem proposes to bring back nature’s authenticity to our everyday life, rejecting the use of non-sustainable polluting materials altogether. It’s sunglasses are 100% made of high-quality bamboo with polarized, certified (CE) lenses, which mirrors it’s respect for Nature and the struggle for a less artificial way of living.


ORUS CO. is a brand that offers world-class design products with a minimalist line. Offering appealing, simple and modern products at a price that is considered fair. Orus Co. is working to offer products with a low environmental footprint.


PANAREHA is a sustainable men’s apparel brand that embodies the true spirit of summer. From the trunks to the range of shirts and accessories, the designs have a cooler and more relaxed approach to men’s summer wear. Panareha’s commitment is to create great menswear, with sustainability at heart. It combines the best materials with the best manufacturers, challenging them to produce more sustainable and long-lasting products that protect our planet’s natural resources.


PICA PAU Woodcraft is a Portuguese brand whose mission is to introduce the concepts of bamboo and wood into accessories, replacing traditional materials such as plastic and metal by more ecological and sustainable alternatives. Combining environmental awareness with an innovative design that goes back to naturalistic sensations, it does not lose focus on recent fashions, combining its own elegant style with an avant-garde social position.


SYRAH is a clothing line that transmits a Portuguese lifestyle, healthy, light & conscious. Syrah is a breath of fresh air, a truly Portuguese way of living: carefree, present, confident, in love with life and the best things on it. Essentially made up of cottons, transmitting to its collections a relaxed spirit, where the details were not forgotten and give the pieces the difference that characterizes Syrah so well.


THIRTY THREE: A space with carefully curated collections. Each Collection inspired by a different place, idea or culture. A true journey never ends.


VERTTY: Carrying the sophistication of the city to the casual setting of the beach. Things don’t have to be just what they are supposed to.Because style is not about money or status.
It’s about taste and attitude.


VOKE is a young and vibrant brand that believes in the ability to dream, produce and market a unique Swimwear line. It positions itself as a different brand, able to meet the needs of its customers who seek to associate comfort and relaxation to a more irreverent and fun lifestyle.


GABIRUS is a Portuguese brand of funny socks, that will never go unnoticed. It was founded in 2018 by two friends and is essentially a young and unique brand.


VANILLA SAND: Inspired by passion for travel and nature preservation, Vanilla Sand is a young brand that produces lightweight fabrics and a palette of earthy colors. Each piece is 100% sustainably produced in Portugal and Brazil with the highest quality materials from the Middle East. The brand focuses on young, modern adults looking for easy-to-fit parts to use in their everyday lives.